Break the Taboo in 2022

Break the Taboo in 2022

In many parts of the world, including Cameroon, menstruating women and girls are seen as dirty, excluded from community activities and face discrimination because of a normal bodily function. Due to social, cultural norms and stigma, menstruators are misinformed, mistreated, and lack access to menstrual products and menstrual health education. 

At PridePads Africa, we provide women and girls in Cameroon safe, earth-friendly and affordable menstrual pads. We normalize menstruation with menstrual health education for both girls and boys in schools. We believe all girls should be able to complete their education and have better economic opportunities in life without worrying about their periods. So far in 2022, we have provided menstrual health education and pads to 943 students– a 42% increase from 2021.

The opportunities that education gave many of us when we were young opened up our lives in countless ways. Together, we can pay that gift forward in profound, life-changing ways. To all of you who have already donated this season, our deepest gratitude.

This Giving Tuesday, consider a gift that lasts a lifetime. Join PridePads Africa in creating a better world  for Cameroonian girls and women!

With gratitude,

PridePads Africa Board of Directors and Committee Members