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Phone Numbers in Cameroon:
Nextel: (+237) 663-686-212
MTN: (+237) 674-074-887
Orange: (+237) 655 229 011
Address in Cameroon: 
PridePads Africa-Cameroon
P.O. Box 610 Ngaoundere
Adamawa Region Cameroon
Central Africa 
USA Office:
PridePads Africa 
P.O. Box 17453

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Help is appreciated via joining our network of dedicated volunteers, making a taxable recurring donation or helping us spread the word via Social Media (#pridepadsafrica or @pridepadsafrica).

PridePads Africa is a Registered Charity

Your donation to PridePads Africa is a tax donation, as PridePads is a registered 510(c)(3) charity committed to providing access to affordable, biodegradable sanitary pads, menstrual health education and livelihood empowerment for girls and women in Africa.

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