Pride Pads Ngaoundere

Our Team in Ngaoundere, Northern Cameroon is essential to our continued success

Our PridePads Africa team help to spread the message of menstrual health and hygiene, while providing a safe place and sense of community. Your continued support makes all of this possible.

Salamatu Yinyuy Sule

I was born on September 17th, 1981. I am the current Director of Pridepads Africa in Ngaoundere. Growing up I developed a passion for empowering girls and women and wanted to learn how I could foster activities for vulnerable children. During my school days I thought that ‘’when you educate a woman, you educate a community." I love working with girls and women on gender issues and I have a lot to offer them in my own way.

I have worked with Fulani women and girls groups teaching them skills such as modern arable farming techniques, production of detergents and how to make back races using a punch machine.

I am also teaching girls and women about beading and customization. I have worked with Islamic women on the importance of girls education.

Before working for PridePads Africa, I was the Manager of the Information and Communications Centre in Jakiri, Cameroon.

In the year 2011 I was among the 100 outstanding female Managers nominated by Foundation and the ITU on digital campaign empowerment through technology.

Doudou Hapsatu

I am 17 years old and a student living in Ngaoundere. In my life a lot has transpired and I did not know menstruation was not a nightmare as during this cycle I was only at home because I lacked education on sanitary pads and had never seen a sanitary napkin. The maximum I could do was using pieces of cloth. Thanks to Pridepads Africa and Madam Salamatu who took time to explain the pads to us and illustrated how to use it. When she invited us for her birthday celebration, her family donated sanitary napkins to the underprivileged. It is thanks to this initiative I am proud I can stay in school during menstruation. I am now a happy girl with the notion of menstrual hygiene knowledge imprted to me by Pridepads. Thanks once more to Pridepads Africa.

Zawiyatu Fonyuy

I am an orphan and I am 16 years old living in Marza, a neighborhood in Ngaoundere. When I lost my parents in the current crisis affecting the North West of Cameroon, it was like the end of the world to me. Little did I know I could still find hope in living and helping some people one day in my life. When I was schooled on what Pridepads was offering for the girls and women, I just felt I had seen where I will regain hope of life. Thanks to PridePads Africa pads I am now undergoing my training in beading and have learned a lot about menstrual hygiene too plus  what is biodegradable sanitary napkins and its importance. I can now produce earrings, necklaces, bracelets, sandals and slippers using beads and will still learn more during my course. I thank Pridepads Africa for coming up with a beneficial project like this.