Pride Pads Ngaoundere

Our Team in Ngaoundere, Northern Cameroon is essential to our continued success

Our PridePads Africa team help to spread the message of menstrual health and hygiene, while providing a safe place and sense of community. Your continued support makes all of this possible.

Operations Manager

Kongnyuy Jaika

I was born in 1961 at Kumbo Bui Division, NW Region. I, as a Muslim girl in those days went to school because my parents pushed aside all odds from their Muslim brothers who only sent their girls to early marriages as per their faith. And for this reason, will never stop thanking God Almighty for my very dear parents . After my High school studies l gained entrance into the school of sports and physical education teaching and graduated in 1987.

I was teaching in several schools and in 2014 l was appointed the Sub Divisional Delegate for Sports and Physical Education for Jakiri Sub Division a post l held till I retired in 2018. So, I used to go for Divisional, Regional and National finals with female players and I have a host of medals won.

Many girls were always menstruating during these trips and I was always advising them. I had a great passion to work with girls at my retirement so I started Destiny Striders Sports Academy and the crisis came and shattered it. So PridePads is like a dream come true to me and I am so so happy to be part of PridePads Africa.

Mboke Souare Brigitte

Mboke Souare Brigitteis married with four children. She conpleted her High school and had Advance level in law. She is from the Extreme North of Cameroon. She grew up in a family of six: 4 girls and 2  boys. Her father was very okay with theeducation of the girls, he did not want early marriages. These days some parents still feel that menstrual education is a taboo and some think that it's immoral to their religion so girls are not yet using pads but old pieces of clothes. But thanks to PridePads we are doing a lot to remedy the situation.

May God bless all the PridePads Africa staff.