Africa’s Women's Day

Africa’s Women's Day

Africa’s Women’s Day Celebration

July 31st of each year marks Africa’s Women's Day. It is celebrated to remember and honor African women and girls, and recognize the critical role that they play in the development of the African continent.  

2022 marks the 60th anniversary of the Pan-African Women’s Organization (PAWO). PAWO is Africa’s first collective women’s organization, which has contributed to the struggle for the continent’s liberation from colonialism, the elimination of apartheid and the eradication of gender inequalities, discrimination and injustices against women.

Below is an update from Djouhaira, PridePads Menstrual Health Education Manager in Ngaoundere, regarding the activities of Africa’s Women’s Day:

We held a meeting and presentation with women and girls from Monday, July 25th to Sunday, July 31st regarding African Women’s Day. This day, celebrated on July 31st of each year, symbolizes the continental recognition of the role played by African women leaders in the struggle for the emancipation of African Women. 

Several activities were organized during this week, including: a training workshop on women’s entrepreneurship, an educational talk on violence against women and gender-based violence, and at the end a dance contest and parade between mothers and girls. 

On July 31, 2022 PridePads Ngaoundéré was at the side of these women to raise awareness, inform and educate them. We discussed menstruation and shared information about hygiene and cleanliness. 

…We also exchanged with mothers the importance of bringing their daughters to school in the same way as boys. Because, more often, in this community, parents send boys more to school while young girls stay at home to take care of household chores and from a certain old age (15-17 years), these girls are sent into marriage sometimes against their own will. To take advantage of this day dedicated to African Women to encourage mothers to let their daughters complete their studies and allow them to have their diploma and also a better future.