Donor Newsletter March, 2021

Donor Newsletter March, 2021

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

At PridePads Africa, we #ChooseToChallenge gender inequality by promoting adequate Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM), which includes Menstrual Hygiene Education and the production of biodegradable menstrual pads. MHM is essential for girls to have the opportunity to stay in school, break taboos, and have more economic opportunities. Today, and everyday, PridePads celebrates the women and girls of Cameroon that span a wide range of languages, cultures, and backgrounds.

In preparation for International Women’s Day, Sala and the team in Cameroon have been busy with meetings, beading, and pad production despite disturbances in the electricity supply. The team met with Madam Aissatou Yousoufa, the president of the biggest umbrella association which brings together women and girls in Adamaoua, a region of Cameroon (AFADA). They also met with the Rotary Club in Ngaoundere where they discussed the PridePads mission and informed them about the importance of Menstrual Hygiene Education for girls. The Rotary Club was excited to hear about the sponsorships for beading training that is available to girls. The beading of shoes is a wonderful way for girls to learn a trade. The girls have the opportunity to sell their creations and earn money which can be put towards the purchase of the PridePads sanitary napkins if they choose to do so.

Ajume Wingo, PridePads Africa Founder, was recently interviewed about how and why he wanted to start PridePads. “I was raised in a ‘Queendom,’ explains Ajume proudly from the cavernous lower bunk of the sleeper car. He’s referring to Queen Ngonnso who founded Nso in 1394, and reigned with authority for years. Inspired by his matrilineal ancestor, and having witnessed profound gender discrimination in Cameroon, the outspoken Prince has broken with conventions of African royalty to become a modern-day champion of women throughout the land. Well-educated and widely respected as a political social philosopher, Ajume has embarked on a mission to de-stigmatize female menstruation, an on-going social injustice for young women who are shunned from attending school for days each month. Consequently, young girls remain second-class citizens in Cameroon at a time when women are finally achieving real gains in global gender equality. Ajume’s audacious vision: build a facility in the north, operated by local women, that produces biodegradable sanitary napkins for its female citizens. The goal: raise consciousness about menstruation and transform women’s lives in Cameroon and greater Africa. To read the full story, visit

While International Women’s Day is just one day, PridePads continues its mission every day to give young girls and women the opportunity for an education, leading them on a path towards an exciting future.

With gratitude,

The PridePads Africa Board of Directors and Committee Members