Donor Newsletter February, 2021

Donor Newsletter February, 2021

We founded PridePads Africa to help combat Period Poverty in Cameroon. In addition to manufacturing menstrual pads, a key component of our work in Cameroon is Menstrual Hygiene Education and outreach to schools in our region. We developed a Menstrual Hygiene Education presentation that was created specifically for children and adolescents who’ve had limited, if any, schooling on this topic.

Over the past two years, we’ve shared our Menstrual Hygiene Education program with many schools in the region of Cameroon where PridePads is located, where the curriculum is lacking, by bringing vital knowledge to students in need. While schools in the region were closed due to Covid in 2020, they are reopened now, and we will be resuming our Menstrual Hygiene Education presentations by visiting additional schools.

In January 2021, PridePads Africa visited Gangassaou High School in Gangassaou, Cameroon. Our presenters were able to have frank, open discussions with a mixed group of male and female students. For many of the children, this was their first introduction to any Menstrual Hygiene Education whatsoever. This highlights the need for our program since some children were of adolescent age.

“At Gangassaou High, the audience was made up of teachers and students, and we were very pleased that both girls and boys attended,” said Salamatu Yinyuy Sule, Director of PridePads Africa in Ngaoundere. “There was a lengthy question and answer session, and both the girls and boys were very open and asked lots of questions. We ended with the administration thanking us for such an informative and interesting lecture and urging us to come back and continue with our educational programs.”

PridePads Africa has presented our Menstrual Hygiene Education program to several schools including Grace Bilingual Comprehensive High School, Yves Le Plumey, Ceedey Lycee, Technique Des Ngaoundere, GHS Mardock, and Gangassaou High School. We also have plans to present to the students at Maarif Secondary School, Pintadel, Lycee technique Des Mardock, and Marzenod.

We greatly appreciate the help of the teachers and administrators at these schools for making this educational outreach possible.

PridePads Africa is proud to play a part in the fight against Period Poverty and we thank you for your support of our mission.